The secrets of top trainers – the seminar

In this two-day seminar you will learn more about the five keys to success and how to apply them to your personal professional situation. Together, we will assess your image and you will find out how you can truly make the most of your potential. Your benefit:

How to hone your profile

  • You will perfect your performance
  • You will personalise your presentation
  • You will multiply your products
  • You will professionalise your PR

Gerd Kulhavy and Susanne Petz will be leading the seminar; the guest speakers are: Matthias Garten and Sanjay Sauldie.

The contents of the intensive seminar

The 5 keys from trainer to brand

  1. Experts - positioning

    • How to successfully apply the 10 crucial positioning principles
    • How to position yourself as an expert – carving out and developing your USP.
    • How to recognise movements and trends on the international market and utilise them.

  2. Performance & presentation

    • How to discover your core competencies and develop into a charismatic brand.
    • How to optimise your performance as appropriate to your target group and develop an almost magical appeal.
    • How to structure your seminar contents dramatically and awaken interest.

  3. Sales & marketing – strategy

    • How to find the perfect marketing tools and implement them.
    • How to create your own slogan.
    • How to make the most of the power of colour
    • How to find the right marketing mix.

  4. Media & product design

    • How to successfully walk the path to your own book publication.
    • How to effectively safeguard your trainer know-how
    • How to develop products that strengthen your positioning and make you financially independent.

  5. Publicity work / PR

    • How to draw the attention of the press and win them over.
    • How to communicate and address your target group in the appropriate manner.
    • How to make headlines with targeted stories and utilise these.

Objective of the seminar

If you have always wanted to know...

  • Why top trainers manage to charge much higher rates.
  • How TOP trainers find their topics.
  • How the press starts noticing you.
  • How to position yourself in your niche.
  • How to find your success topic and maintain your expert status.
  • How to fulfil your potential and maximise your resources.
  • Which “laws” you should abide by.
  • How to become a Top brand. 

... then you can now hear about the secrets to success straight from the source from three “success creators” who accompany the “best of the industry” intensively on their path to success. Benefit from expert know-how in order to find your unique positioning so you can instantly:

  • become more widely known
  • achieve higher daily rates
  • become a brand

To stand out from the crowd and successfully position yourself in the top class, lay the foundation for your lasting success with the intensive “The Secrets of the Top Trainers” programme while saving time and money!


Gerd Kulhavy is a specialist for individual trainer positioning and speaker marketing. As founder and Managing Director of the speaker agency Speakers Excellence, he accompanies a select number of Top speakers from the fields of marketing, education, politics and sports on their path to becoming a “brand”.  An entrepreneur through and through, Gerd Kulhavy has been studying recipes for success from the most renowned trainers and speakers on the international market for over 15 years. During his many years as Sales Manager at a notable insurance company, as co-founder of the company “Friends & Business” and as the former Managing Director of the company INLINE AG, he acquired comprehensive practical experience in successful consulting.

Susanne Petz, coach, trainer and presenter, is an expert when it comes to the topic of communicating in a personal manner. The trained political scientist and journalist has been responsible for the editorial supervision of TV talks and magazines, has hosted radio shows and directed films. For 10 years, she managed a film production company for the Protestant Church. As a coach, she now provides training to company heads and managers for a convincing presence. Taking it personally is her motto – both in coaching and in public speaking. Instead of trying merely to create convincing arguments, Susanne Petz challenges her audience as well as the participants in her workshops and her clients to discover their own core message and conquer the stage of life as full human beings.