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Suzanne Grieger-Langer

„Personality. Power. Sense – make them work foryou!“

Profiler Suzanne is your special task force when it comes to making a spoilt audience happy.She works hard to back top achievers and challenges the status quo of "cuddly leadership" byrescuing good performers from among the losers and psychopaths. If you want to make areal impact in the big leagues, you can’t go wrong with her! This keynote speaker is a profiler,bestselling author, lecturer and Head of the Think Tank of German Economy. The entrepreneurworks with 150 experts around the world. She has instructed agents and access forces insurviving high-risk areas, creates mental security architectures for top decision-makers andanalyses opponents in existential negotiations. Her profiling is the key to 7 billion people. Ifnot her, then who else can help you navigate the murky waters of life?

Keeping cool in the crossfire

  • How to protect yourself against suspiscion, conspiracies and digital terror. Good performers threaten those establishment companies that want to maintain the status quo with smear campaigns. In this talk, you‘ll learn about just how this happens and how to immunise your reputation. 

Profiling people: the power of human knowledge

  • Who are you dealing with?
    Learn how to see through posers, unmask losers and lever out psychopaths. Why? To find real high achievers and to bind the to you for good! 

Profiling personality: from a person to a personality with the 7 pillars of power

  • Person or personality?
  • Develop your full potential with the 7 Pillars of Power: Stability, Passion, Self-Control, Love, Communication, Knowledge, and Ethics.

Profiling power: meeting challenges – more special agent than standard issue

  • Business is war? With the 007 success principles of special agents you can keep calm under fire and become immune to crises: strong in character, resilient and instinctively secure - just like Bond.

“THE profiler!” Focus

“One of the best in the world!” UBS

 “Sought-after advice!” Süddeutsche

“Supremely gifted!” BR

 “As elegant as the queen, as charming as bond, and as intelligent as Holmes!” Zukunft Training

 “Profiler Suzanne makes it a Mission Possible!” Querdenker

“You know those crazy beautiful agents from American movies? – Profiler Suzanne transforms every stage into a captivating film! Her knowledge is brilliant, extensive & instantly effective!” Sprecherhaus

“Profiler Suzanne is like opening the window to get some air during a storm.” RessourcePeople

“She’s our joker when it comes to pleasing a discerning audience!” CDU 

3. Steirisches Wissensforum
Stadthalle Graz / Messecongress in Graz / Österreich Knowledge Forum
Die Tricks der Trickser: Immunität gegen Machenschaften, Manipulation und Machtspiele
Die Tricks der Trickser: Immunität gegen Machenschaften, Manipulation und Machtspiele

Junfermann Verlag

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Die 7 Säulen der Macht
Die 7 Säulen der Macht

Junfermann Verlag

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Die Macht der positiven Manipulation: Überzeugungstechniken für Führungskräfte (Haufe Fachbuch)
Die Macht der positiven Manipulation: Überzeugungstechniken für Führungskräfte (Haufe Fachbuch)

Haufe Lexware

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Management & leadership

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