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Rainer Niermeyer

„Improvement means change. Being perfect entails frequent change“

Rainer Niermeyer is a rousing speaker and a sought-after management coach. As a graduate business psychologist, he had a career as a partner at Kienbaum Management Consultants. He imparts his broad and well-founded knowledge in a tangible and pragmatic way. He wins over his audience with brilliant rhetoric and provocative new ideas. Targeted transfer impulses ensure sustained changes in the company.In his book "Mythos Authentizität" ("The Myth of Authenticity"), he unmasks leadership myths and false authenticity and encourages self-responsibility. The author humorously describes how everyone can fulfil their personal leadership role without losing themselves. He is able to pick up on this topic in his current book on employee motivation in change processes by providing tips on phase-oriented change management. He is a lecturer at the international business school Zentrum für Unternehmensführung and honorary senator of the Business and Information School.

Consistent change management

  •  The phases of change
  •  Generating the willingness to undergo changes
  •  Discovering opportunities in change
  •  Differentiating between what can be changed and what can't

 Motivation – instruments of leadership and persuasion

  •  Motivation right through to self-responsibility
  •  Levelling the playing field for maximum performance
  •  Using the motivation toolbox correctly
  •  Leading with enthusiasm: oneself and others

 The Myth of Authenticity – the seminar on the book

  •  Opportunities and limits of authenticity
  •  Recognising role expectations
  •  Taking on successful leadership roles
  •  Leadership integrity and personal values

 Complete serenity and sovereignty

  •  Acquiring sovereignty
  •  The reality beyond role-playing games
  •  Intelligent self-management and discovery
  •  Relaxation without relaxation techniques

 Systematic self-management with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  •  Making fruitful use of your own emotions
  •  Success = 80% EQ + 20% IQ
  •  Fast ways to leave frustration behind you
  •  The key to resilience

His clients include well-known companies such as:

Accor, Adina, AIDA Cruises, Airbus, Allianz, AMD, AOK, Autostadt, AXA, Carl Zeiss, Dachser, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, Diakonien, DuMont Gruppe, E.ON, Easycash, eBay, Epson, Haniel, Hugo Boss, ImmobilienScout, Kempinski, Porsche, Ritter Sport, Robinson Clubs, Sara Lee, Schüco, Siemens, Software AG, State Street, Tchibo, TDK, ThyssenKrupp and other companies and associations

"Rainer Niermeyer debunks the myth of authenticity and pleads for professional role sovereignty – a basic formula for management success." Reinhard K. Sprenger

"A great talk that has benefited me personally. A must for any executive."

Stephan Rathsack, Basler Insurance

"I still like to think back to your talk. I not only liked it as regards its contents, but also as regards its lecture style. In my view, everything was just perfect. I especially liked the switches between seriousness and humour, the pensive and the amusing, and so on."

Wolfgang Engelhardt, DADE Behring

Management & leadership

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