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Dr. med. Manuela Jacob-Niedballa

„Healthy handling of stress to boost success“

Dr Jacob-Niedballa is an expert on the positive handling of stress. As a specialist in occupational medicine, she offers in-depth knowledge on the interactions between work, social demands and mental overload. Her clients include the government of Upper Franconia. Together with her husband Dr Rolf Niedballa, she runs a surgical/orthopaedic clinic with an outpatient surgical centre. In her seminars and talks, she inspires participants by means of tried-and-tested solutions and motivates them to make effective changes so they can enjoy a fulfilled and successful life. Dr Jacob-Niedballa supports numerous medium-sized companies and even international groups to achieve good future-oriented corporate health management.

The stress myth – ways to good performance instead of performance frustration

  •  How to identify occupational stressors and their effects.
  •  How to harness stress energy to boost success.
  •  How to determine the risk of burnout with two questions.•
  •  How to discover the impact of bonus models on the health of your employees.
  •  How to develop individual strategies for healthy stress management.

 Healthy leadership – successful and healthy leadership

  •  Find out what significant impact "leadership" has on the health of employees.
  •  Increase intrinsic motivation through healthy leadership models.
  •  Learn how to use healthy communication to reduce stress and improve performance.

 Healthy services – significant increases in patient and employee satisfaction

  •  How to communicate appointments by phone in a patient-oriented way.
  •  How to design service-oriented waiting times.
  •  How to increase patient satisfaction through patient-centric communication.
  •  How to optimise the way the practice is organised and minimie stress within the team.

 Other topics:

  •  Conflicts without weapons.
  •  Hazard assessment of "psychological stress."
  •  Future-oriented occupational health management. 

 "With wit and charm, she managed to increase our field staff's awareness of the topic in a concise and illustrative way. Moreover, she was able to anchor simple and practical tips and tools for personal stress management in many employees. The feedback was excellent. We look forward to working together with her again." 

Michael Traub, Süddeutsche Krankenversicherung

"Ms Jacob-Niedballa gave the staff of the VR-Bank Coburg a light-hearted evening, and numerous discussions in recent days have shown that she not only met our expectations, but also those of our employees. We were all impressed by her huge degree of dedication this evening. Ms Jacob-Niedballa managed to make the topic she presented accessible to the public. Numerous people – even those who have not been so interested in the topic so far – found this evening or will in future find some way to deal with the stress they experience in all their personal circumstances. I am already looking forward to our next encounters!"

Karlheinz Kipke, CEO, VR-Bank Coburg eG

15. Ostsee Kongress
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