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Dr. Klaus Schirmer

„Who listens, leads – find the question behind the question!“

Dr. Klaus Schirmer studied pharmacy, psychology and pedagogy. He is a passionate entrepreneur, author and speaker, as well as being the co-founder of team santé, an Austrian pharmacy franchise system and blister centre. In his many years as a pharmacist, he has acquired extensive expert knowledge in dealing with patients and staff. In 2017, his company was selected as the best employer in Austria – ahead of major global companies. As a certified quality manager in healthcare and a corporate quality auditor, he now passes on his knowledge in seminars and talks. He is the practitioner among speakers and enthusiastically inspires his listeners by presenting highly complex themes in a vivid, compelling and humorous way.

Managing and communicating according to the principle of friendship

  • Who listens, leads – find out what's really bothering people
  • How to build a good basis for discussion with the right communication to achieve the best possible success
  • How to convey to your interlocutor a sense of achievement using vivid language
  • How to use "Schirmer's Advice©" to achieve satisfaction and acceptance in a short space of time

The H.U.S.K.Y principle:

  • How to package your personal vision into goals and inspire the right 'comrades in arms'
  • How structures and rules can help you save energy and free up capacities
  • How to create a YEAH culture and celebrate company successes together

Managing quality. Upgrading your everyday life. Making use of your time on Earth.

  • How to upgrade your professional day-to-day life with personal quality management
  • How to perceive and experience your daily "share of happiness"
  • Where you can find and recharge your daily energy tanks in your professional and private day
  • Why communication is one of your biggest energisers

    Participants' comments:

    "Bravo: from practice for practice! Coherent, comprehensible, competent, humorous, very motivating!" Peter Halvax, Business Trainer, Vienna

    "In my view, Dr. Schirmer is one of the best in his field. His talks are lively, entertaining and yet enduring, very inspiring and substantial." Dr. Andreas Janka, Member of the Board of PHAGO

    • Österreichisches Apothekerkammer, Mag. pharm. Iris Kubik
    • Swietelsky Kärnten, Authorised Officer Bmst. DI Andreas Geiger
    • Genericon GmbH, Dr. Katharina Jonach
    • Herba Chemosan AG, Dr. Andreas Janka
    • Adler Apotheke, Graz, Prof. Mag. pharm. Bernd Milenkovics
    • Widmer Austria GmbH, CEO Philip Wied
    • Schwabe-Ley & Partner, Vienna, Authorised Officer, Georg Ehrhart
    • University of Innsbruck, Inst. of Pharmacodynamics and Toxicology, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jörg Striessnig
    • Bayer Healthcare GmbH, Vienna, Mag. Susanne Eibegger, Sales Manager
    • Stadtmarketing Villach GmbH, CEO Gerhard Angerer
    • Quality austria, Vienna, Dr. Günther Schreiber, CEO Konrad Scheiber 


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