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Joey Kelly

„No limits – How I achieve my goal“

His world is the show stage, but away from the spotlight, Joey Kelly achieves amazing sporting successes as a “nobody”. He’s the pop star with the longest breath. He finished 8 Ironman events in just 12 months – the first person to hold such a record. Sport changed his life, and today continues to drive him to all exotic corners of the world to compete in the toughest of challenges. From the Ultraman in Hawaii, to the Sahara Desert Run, Badwater Run in Death Valley, and Alaska 100-Mile Race, to the “Race across America” bike race, he has so far successfully completed all events. This feat is made all the more impressive given the fact that Joey as a full-time job as an artist, manager and family man. It is his iron will and self-discipline which enable him to do things others cannot. For him, it’s all in the mind, a question of willpower, of a consistent can-do attitude, and goal-oriented actions.

Joey Kelly speaks about his extremely active life as an athlete, musician

and manager of the Kelly Family (managing director of a family

business for over 10 years) in a 15 to 90-minute (generally 60-minute)

presentation. He uses lots of incredible photos and clips from his

adventures to impressively describe his life path.

“NO LIMITS – How I achieve my goal!”

Joey’s motto is: “You need to set yourself a goal, and then just get started. It doesn’t matter if there’s a setback: You believe in your goal, and simply keep going.” He demonstrates here that, with the appropriate energy and willpower, you can achieve your goals. Joey Kelly has completed over 100 competitions (e.g. marathons, Ironman and desert runs).

Here is a list of his sporting success:

  • 48 marathons
  • 31 ultramarathons
  • 13 Ironman events
  • 10 desert runs
  • 3 Races across America
  • Over 100 half-marathons/triathlons

References (excerpt)

Porsche, Mercedes, Allianz, Ergo, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Post, Bertelsmann, Audi, Peugeot, VW, EVONIK, EDE, Zurich Group, Deutsche Bahn, IBM, Sparkassen, AXA, DVAG, Media Markt, Saturn, DKV, Central Versicherungen, DAK, AOK, Volksbanken, Raiffeisenbanken, Postbank, DEVK, RWE, Mazda


Ambassador for “Deutsche José Carreras Leukämie Stiftung”
“UNICEF” running ambassador, ambassador for the RTL telethon


Beckmann (ARD), Hart aber Fair (ARD), Johannes B. Kerner Show (ZDF), Sabine Christiansen (ARD), Stern TV (RTL), Markus Lanz (ZDF), TV total (PRO7), Wetten, dass (ZDF), Kölner Treff (WDR), River Boat (NDR), Frühstücksfernsehen (ARD, SAT.1), Talkshow (NDR), Punkt 6, 9 und 12 (RTL)


Stern TV (RTL), Planetopia (Sat.1), Focus TV (VOX), Spiegel TV

Documentaries: Voxtours – Australien (VOX), IRON CALLI (4-part series on VOX), Wettlauf zum Südpol (5-part series on ZDF + ORF), Deutschlandlauf (Stern TV-RTL), Nordseeküstenradwanderung (ARTE/ZDF), Patagonien Challenge (5-part series on N24), Stern TV (RTL, over 20 documentaries), SAT.1 24 Stunden (over 5 reports)

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Hysterie des Körpers: Der Lauf meines Lebens

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Joey Kelly bei der "SN-Wirtschaftsakademie und Führungsimpulse" am 12. November 2014 live erleben!Am 12. März startet die Vortragsreihe. Lesen Sie mehr hier.


Joey Kelly gibt in Bad Staffelstein Einblicke in die Welt eines Musikers und Extremsportlers.
Ein Leben am Limit
Neue Presse Coburg, 09. November 2013


Joey Kelly im Interview - Highlight beim 9. Ostsee-Kongress
HRO-Life Magazin (Ausgabe März 2013)

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