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Bernhard Wolff

„With ideas to success“

Bernhard Wolff is an expert in creativity and communication. His appearances have already inspired hundreds of thousands of people. His keynote speech is the entertaining highlight of international conferences. Bernhard Wolff inspires people to invest in new ideas – and encourages participants to network among themselves. On request, he supplements his talks through round-table discussions, workshops and entertainment. When it comes to feedback, the stage professional regularly receives top marks; his reference list is impressive. With a degree in pedagogy relating specifically to the field of economics, the man from Berlin imparts his knowledge as a speaker, author, lecturer and consultant. His creative agency, Think-Theater GmbH, has already co-organised more than 500 meetings and events. Bernhard Wolff is well known as a "backwards speaker" from more than 50 TV shows.

Talk: A desire for ideas!

The motivating talk that makes people more creative and meetings more imaginative:


  •  The 7 basic rules of creative thinking
  •  The mind set of innovators
  •  Together to new ideas
  •  Networks and co-creation
  •  Best practices – amazing examples

 Brainstorming sessions: participants in action

The perfect supplement to a talk. In small groups, participants generate ideas and present them in a plenum session:


  •  Participants network, lots of dialogue!
  •  Creative results, topic-related!
  •  A climate of innovation made tangible!

 Entertainment: "Backwards Speaker"

With his highly entertaining performance as a "backwards speaker", Bernhard Wolff shows how to change direction mid-thought:


  •  As a highlight in the talk or as a separate show act. Standing ovations in the USA!

 Specialist topics for specific target groups:


  •  Idea-gathering days (planners and project managers)
  •  As an executive at conferences (executives and management)
  •  Moderate conferences (HR, executives, trainers)

References (selection):

Deutschland – Land der Ideen, Wissenschaft im Dialog, Science-4Life, Zukunftskongress, Swiss Innovation Forum, Deutsche Bank, Tupperware, BASF, L´oréal, Vodafone, Swarovski, Siemens, e.on, SAP, MasterCard, YPO India, National Speakers Association USA, and many more. 

Reference letters from:

Günther Jauch, Liz Mohn, André Blümel, Gerhard Berssenbrügge, Friedrich Joussen, Dominic Brenninkmeyer and many more.

Reference – TV shows (selection):

NDR Talkshow, 60 Jahre ARD, Grips-Show with Günther Jauch, Verstehen Sie Spaß, Deutscher Zukunftspreis and many more. 

Bernhard Wolff is a visiting lecturer at the Steinbeis University of Berlin. He was a student of Edward de Bono and Friedemann Schulz von Thun.

Denken hilft: Frische Ideen für Gedächtnis und Kreativität
Denken hilft: Frische Ideen für Gedächtnis und Kreativität

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Am 12.März 2014 startet mit Bernhard Wolff die heurige Vortragsreihe „Wirtschaftsakademie und Führungsimpulse“ im SN-Saal.
Zum Artikel (Salzburger Nachrichten, 22. Februar 2014)

Communication & motivation

Keynote speech: Honorary group D

Daily rate: Honorary group C

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